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Month: April, 2012

Is Obama Like Hitler?



I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that most Americans have seen an image similar to the one above comparing President Obama to Hitler. How much merit does this comparison have? Well I’ll give you my opinion on it, none whatsoever. Here is how they are alike: Both leaders, both politicians, advocates of strong government, very charismatic, cult-like following, and that’s about it.

How they are different is obvious. Hitler killed 6 million Jews and numerous other citizens of his own country for not fitting his ideal mold of what a human should be. As far as I know, Obama is not doing anything remotely close to any of that. This point gets left out of many Nazi/America comparisons. The Nazi’s were bad because they killed innocent civilians, not because they were advocates of strong government. Is that what is bound to happen when one person gets too much power in a nation? Possibly, but there is one fact that inhibits Obama’s ability to gain that much power even if he wanted to, he must be elected by the people.

The Nazi comparison is a frail scare tactic that right-wing radicals use to frighten us into thinking America is turning into Nazi Germany, it is not. I am not saying that Obama has been a perfect president or even a good one, that is up to you decide for yourself. But saying that he is anything like Hitler is slanderous and disrespectful and factually untrue. It is too easy to stick a Hitler stash on anyone in power and that somehow shows that they are bad. Hitler was not bad because he had a mustache and was a socialist, he was a psychopathic renegade dictator who slaughtered millions of people, that’s what he did wrong. Obama is gonna have to get a lot meaner to make those comparisons valid.





An Open Letter

So I got some more hate for my last post, and I just got out of work at 4 and decided to respond to most of them. For people that are preaching respect and decency, you guys really aren’t leading by example…

@moewytchdog – “hahah that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever read, dude”…..I respect your opinion, now use your words and tell me why.

@rachelmillman – “I don’t think you really grasped what I tried to tell you”….I can assure you, I did. I’m sorry you did not change my mind.

@moewytchdog – “Sadly, dude, that’s just one big whine as to why your feelings are sooo important”….haha you may have read something completely different, fuck my feelings. And if anyone is whining here, it surely is not me.

@whyhelloclarice – “ppl who believe some ppl deserve rape also think rape jokes are funny”…Cause and effect mixed up, this does not prove that people who think rape jokes are funny also think some people deserve rape. If you are willing to prove you’re right, go right ahead.

@Twinklecreep – “hahahahahaha oh my god the depths of your stupidity are boundless”…so it should be easy to prove me wrong then? Do it.

@mikesacco – “you’re a complete moron dude. just an absolute human stain”…I appreciate your input, is ridiculing strangers a better quality to have than having a distorted sense of humor? If so, why?

@aliendovecote – “also ahhaha the only Like on his blog post is from a man born in Turkey”….Objection; relevance. I understand I have an unpopular opinion, but why is it the wrong opinion?

@rare_basement – “wow that dingus is still at it??”…Yes, should I have not tried to explain my reasoning?

@jaubertmoniker – “dude what is this garbage. are you really that dumb?”….Be specific dude, what did I say that was dumb? I assure you I can thoroughly explain everything I said.

@scrublord – “honestly dude i was willing to just ignore you when you posted this but damn man”….I don’t want you to ignore me, I want to hear why I am wrong. What was wrong about what I wrote?

@rachelmillman – “it was a good fake out too, I thought maybe it was an apology post?”….Sorry it wasn’t what you were hoping for, what do I have to apologize for? 

@scrublord – “as soon as i got to “9/11 jokes don’t make 9/11 more likely to happen” i stopped”…AKA I stopped reading as soon as he shit all over my logic and asked a question I don’t have an answer to.


I know you all think I’m an idiot and that’s fine. I would really like to have an intelligent discussion about this though. Do you think we could do that without it being a GOP debate where you all just call me names? Attack what I said, show me where I was wrong. I am completely willing to change my mind and admit that you are right. And fuck twitter, comment below this, then we can say more than just 140 characters. Are you going to act like grown ups or not? I’m the one with the immature belief right now and I think I’m being MORE than civil. I just want to know, does every single person that makes a racist joke a racist? Honestly.




Are Rape Jokes Funny?

A couple weeks ago I got into a debate with some people on twitter over whether or not rape jokes were funny. It was mostly people just telling my how stupid I am for thinking rape jokes are funny, I must be immature and ignorant and a bigot, one even went so far as to say that only rapists find rape jokes funny. Au contraire, I have never raped anybody before and I laugh at a good rape joke as much as I laugh at a good  (Insert topic here)  joke. Does this make me a terrible person?

I will not try to convince anybody that rape jokes are funny, what is funny is completely relative and it would be stupid to try to convince you otherwise. The core of my argument is that you should be allowed to laugh at anything without being judged harshly. What I find funny has little to do with my morality, especially if what I’m laughing at is a joke. I am not laughing at rape, I am laughing at the rape joke. I do not think rape is okay, I think rape jokes are okay. There is an immense difference between the two and I cannot understand how people get them confused so easily. The people I was arguing with on twitter brought up some interesting points that I would like to discuss in moderate detail now.

The first reason I heard for why rape jokes are wrong is that it desensitises society in believing that rape is okay, which in turn promotes rape by belittling the consequences. Fair enough, that sounds good but really think about the logic behind it. Do the jokes that we tell really desensitises us to whatever we’re joking about? Will making 9/11 jokes make another 9/11 more likely to happen? Does joking about murder make murder more prevalent? Because rappers have been talking about murder like it’s no big deal for the passed few years and murder rates have dropped dramatically, so that argument is standing on fragile footing already.  I find it unsettling that some people are so easily swayed by popular opinion that they believe rape will be somehow glorified if we joke about it. I consider myself very sound when it comes to decision making and I can tell you right now, even if the government paid citizens who committed rape, I could not do it. Even if the entire world is joking about it, that would not effect my judgement about it whatsoever, I know that it is wrong and no amount of jokes could cloud that.

Let me make this point too, I don’t think that people should joke about rape. And that makes it funnier when people do. Streakers should not run across fields naked, but that’s why it’s funny. Comedy is about the unexpected, pushing the limits has always been funny and will always be funny. Take Jackass for example, they should not have done any of the stuff they did, and that made it funny. Rape jokes are wrong because it makes rape victims relive their horrible experiences in some way, but let me then ask this..Pretend a female got raped near a road, then someone told her the joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Would said female not relive her experience in the same way? (Assuming it reminded her of the event.) Where do we draw the line then? I say we do not draw a line at all. If you are offended by a joke, that is okay, be offended. But judging people who are not offended as bigots and idiots makes you seem foolish and rash, albeit you would be on the more moral side of the argument.

The point is normal people can laugh at terrible jokes without becoming terrible people. And if I am wrong then I am a sexist and a racist and a terrorist and a rapist, so let’s hope for my sake I’m right.

 I have been r…


I have been rather confrontational with vegetarians the passed two days, and it all finally comes to fruition today. I believe that there is a way for all vegetarians to happily enjoy meat again right around the corner, and don’t stop reading right after I say it because you have some preconceived notion that it’s bad. The answer to all of your dietary problems is cloned meat. I do not mean cloning an animal, and then killing that animal for it’s meat. I mean ‘test tube meat’, meat grown directly in a lab, no animal involved whatsoever. The passed few days I’ve been gathering reasons that people become vegetarians and cloned meat does not involve any of the practices that made you stop eating meat.

First I’ll explain briefly how they clone the meat. There were some skeptics that told me they were worried about all the chemicals that go in to cloning the meat, but this is a non-issue. There are no harmful chemicals used at all. As we all should know, cells can replicate themselves. When you get a cut, it heals itself. Cloning meat (in the vaguest terms) is like this, you inset the DNA you want to replicate into a cell, and the cell replicates the DNA for you without any chemicals. This specific kind of selected cloning is already being done in some Scandinavian countries, and in the next 10-15 years, it will be ready for commercial use.

Let’s move on to the decision you will have to make when cloned meat does become commercially produced. Will you eat meat then? Allow me to attempt to convince you because many people seem to think this is a bad idea, but I think it could revolutionize the way we eat and vastly reduce the harm done to animals. First are the animals themselves, we will no longer need to kill animals to obtain meat. I think most vegetarians and people in general would agree that this is a good thing. Animal cruelty was on many people’s list of why they became a vegetarian so strike that aspect out of producing cloned meat.

If you are worried about what is inside your food than you’ll love cloned meat. Since you start with a host DNA and replicate it exactly, each piece of cloned meat would be the highest quality meat. They would only need to clone the best of the best, and this would be a great thing for the consumer. Also there would be radically less bacteria in the meat since it is all manufactured in a lab, simply don’t put any into it. The cloned meat would be healthy, only lean meat, with no bacteria, sounds good to me.

PETA has already offered 1 million dollars to any scientist who can successfully produce cloned meat rapidly, there are already samples but not enough to be a viable option just yet. Winston Churchill once said that it’s a shame we have to grow a whole chicken just for the breast and one day science will fix this problem. The problem is very close to being fixed. The reason it is important now is they are beginning to vote in some places on whether or not so sell cloned meat, and because people are afraid of it for some reason, it does not pass. I would like to know whether or not you would eat cloned meat as a vegetarian/vegan, and if not, why not? No animals will be harmed, it will be safer than our food now, it will be healthier than our food now, and you could finally eat meat without a guilty conscious!

Vegetarian Men

This next vegetarian topic is going to sound ridiculous at first and make me sound like a bigot, but I challenge you to hear my reasoning before passing judgment. This issue has to do specifically with men who are vegetarians. Men that are vegetarians are less manly than men who are not. The ridicule they get for it is justified in my opinion. I see this as a purely biological and anthropological situation. In the early days of man, the men hunted and the women gathered, this is common knowledge. During the winter, when the plants die and no gathering takes place, the men had to hunt so that their entire family could survive. Turning your back on such a major area of your own development deserves a bit of ridicule, but I still respect their decision.

I firmly believe that there is a better way for men to go about becoming vegetarians. Purposefully limiting yourself from anything in the world (even something you don’t want to do) is a negative action in my opinion. You could just as easily stop eating meat…and that’s it! If someone asks you if you are a vegetarian, say ‘No.’ Just don’t eat meat. It doesn’t have to be a public thing. Going out of your way to fit into a group is no better than the popular girls in high school and it deserves a bit of razzing.

This would all be moot if the act of becoming a vegetarian was not a choice, but it is. I would never make fun of somebody for being gay because that isn’t a choice, but judging somebody based on their actions is the fairest way to do it and we do it routinely everyday. If you make the choice to become a vegetarian and publicize it, you are acting like more of a girl than you would be if you continued to eat meat. Almost 70% of vegetarians are female, and 100% of male vegetarians are more feminine than men with normal, no limit diets. Tomorrow I will explain a possible wonder elixir that would end the need to classify yourself as a vegetarian at all.

Questions for a Vegetarian

I’ve had a problem with vegetarians and vegans my entire life. Not because of the decisions they make, but because of the reasons for those decisions and their apparent indifference to animals that are not cute. I hate animal cruelty as much as any vegetarian, but the bridge between that fact and not eating meat is a very unstable one. Will not eating meat stop animal cruelty? No. Will it at least be recognized and hopefully ended one day because of it? Maybe, but signs point to no. So what exactly is the overall goal when you choose to become a herbivore?

A noble answer is that we are evolved passed having to kill animals for food, we can get food elsewhere without harming animals. Bullshit. We still need meat for a healthy diet, and meat only comes from one place. Even vegetarians have to force themselves to not eat meat because its so delicious and we all know it. We’re genetically predisposed to enjoy meat, since (most of) our vegetarian ancestors would have died out if they didn’t eat meat.

The question I have now is, why are animals the only form of life that gets your pity when killed? Why is a pigs life more special than that of a spider or an ant? And here’s the real question for vegetarians, If life is precious, why is it fine to kill plants for food? Plants try to stay alive just as much as animals. This may sound absurd but I can prove my point in one word. Thorns. Why do plants have thorns?  They have thorns to protect themselves from predators in order to stay alive, and you kill them for food without a second thought.

So it is clear that vegetarians do not care about all life equally, but only ‘cute’ life. We kill for food, and so does every single other animal on the entire planet. Another common argument from vegetarians is that the animals can feel pain, so that’s different than killing other things for food. This has two simple answers, plants can feel pain too, they just cannot scream or express it, but they want to stay alive just as bad as anything else. The second answer is almost comical, if killing animals is bad because they feel pain, then as long as we kill them painlessly (like a shotgun to the head) then killing animals is okay. No vegetarian would agree to this, they disagree with their own logic.

I’ll be doing two more posts on this topic over the next two days, one on why being a vegetarian literally makes you more womanly, and the grand finale on why there will be no more vegetarians in 15 years or so. Follow me to stay tuned and feel free to leave comments to answer some of these questions, I will respond respectfully always, I just want a better understanding on why anyone would be a vegetarian.

An All Loving, All Powerful God

I haven’t written anything on here in a while, so I figured I’d start simple and attempt to define god. Now I wont claim to know anything about god whatsoever, including whether or not he exists, but that isn’t important in regards to this issue. The issue I have is with the idea that god can be both all powerful AND all loving. Any deity can be only one of these. Let’s assume first that god is all loving, he loves all creatures equally. Well this can’t be true already because if it were he would not have made them eat each other in order to survive (I’m assuming throughout that the creation story in the bible is true). So the definition of all loving cannot include all living things, so all loving must mean that he loves all humans equally.

Now the question becomes, if god loves all humans equally, why doesn’t he stop bad things from happening to them? I don’t mean just mundane bad things, I mean REALLY bad things. Like the holocaust for example, or rape. There are only two answers to this question. Either god gave us free will and CANNOT interact with our realm, or god gave us free will and he WILL NOT interact with our realm. These are absolutely the only two options. And if god cannot interact with our realm, then he is not all powerful. I don’t really need to elaborate on that point, it couldn’t be clearer. And conversely, if god will not interact with out realm, then it can be said that he is not all loving. You could also say that he does love everyone, just not enough to stop them from being killed. But is that really love then? Certainly no kind of love I’ve ever encountered, if there was a chance to save the person you love from dying and you would face no harm for doing it, I don’t think any body in the world would say they wouldn’t save someone they love.

Another excuse I’ve heard for why god does not save people in need is that there is an equally bad force pulling on people, the devil. Fine, that could be true, probably not but you could be right about this whole thing, and even if you are right, THEN GOD IS NOT ALL POWERFUL. I mean, obv. How can he be all powerful if there is someone equally as strong as him? That’s like saying ‘That boxer is the best fighter in the whole world, but so is the guy he’s fighting.’

So that’s that for the theocratic babble. The point is god may very well be all loving, and he may very well be all powerful, but he cannot be both, it is a contradiction by definition of love and power. I’m gonna be writing a lot on here now so I’d appreciate dat follow. All my shit is posted on twitter first so hit me up there, link below.