I have been r…

by Taylor Bruck


I have been rather confrontational with vegetarians the passed two days, and it all finally comes to fruition today. I believe that there is a way for all vegetarians to happily enjoy meat again right around the corner, and don’t stop reading right after I say it because you have some preconceived notion that it’s bad. The answer to all of your dietary problems is cloned meat. I do not mean cloning an animal, and then killing that animal for it’s meat. I mean ‘test tube meat’, meat grown directly in a lab, no animal involved whatsoever. The passed few days I’ve been gathering reasons that people become vegetarians and cloned meat does not involve any of the practices that made you stop eating meat.

First I’ll explain briefly how they clone the meat. There were some skeptics that told me they were worried about all the chemicals that go in to cloning the meat, but this is a non-issue. There are no harmful chemicals used at all. As we all should know, cells can replicate themselves. When you get a cut, it heals itself. Cloning meat (in the vaguest terms) is like this, you inset the DNA you want to replicate into a cell, and the cell replicates the DNA for you without any chemicals. This specific kind of selected cloning is already being done in some Scandinavian countries, and in the next 10-15 years, it will be ready for commercial use.

Let’s move on to the decision you will have to make when cloned meat does become commercially produced. Will you eat meat then? Allow me to attempt to convince you because many people seem to think this is a bad idea, but I think it could revolutionize the way we eat and vastly reduce the harm done to animals. First are the animals themselves, we will no longer need to kill animals to obtain meat. I think most vegetarians and people in general would agree that this is a good thing. Animal cruelty was on many people’s list of why they became a vegetarian so strike that aspect out of producing cloned meat.

If you are worried about what is inside your food than you’ll love cloned meat. Since you start with a host DNA and replicate it exactly, each piece of cloned meat would be the highest quality meat. They would only need to clone the best of the best, and this would be a great thing for the consumer. Also there would be radically less bacteria in the meat since it is all manufactured in a lab, simply don’t put any into it. The cloned meat would be healthy, only lean meat, with no bacteria, sounds good to me.

PETA has already offered 1 million dollars to any scientist who can successfully produce cloned meat rapidly, there are already samples but not enough to be a viable option just yet. Winston Churchill once said that it’s a shame we have to grow a whole chicken just for the breast and one day science will fix this problem. The problem is very close to being fixed. The reason it is important now is they are beginning to vote in some places on whether or not so sell cloned meat, and because people are afraid of it for some reason, it does not pass. I would like to know whether or not you would eat cloned meat as a vegetarian/vegan, and if not, why not? No animals will be harmed, it will be safer than our food now, it will be healthier than our food now, and you could finally eat meat without a guilty conscious!