We are the pigs.

The most impersonal aspect of blogs is the fact that the first post always reads like an AA meeting introduction. I don’t expect many people to care about my personal history, nor do I feel that it would help anybody understand my writing at all. I’d rather make it clear why I started a blog in the first place and leave out most of the boring details. Basically, I have a ton of thoughts. There’s nothing particularly special about them, but they just seem to marinate in my head and never end up doing any good. I’ve been becoming more worried that once I forget an idea that I had, I’ll never be able to recover it, and so I’ve decided to document them all on the internet. The list of topics that I’m interested in is endless, so there won’t be an underlying theme to this blog. If I had to pinpoint one though it would be, “The general public is wrong.” I can’t even fathom half of the shit I read every single day on facebook and the rest of the internet. It seems that even though these people are on the internet, which has limitless information and fact checking ability, they are routinely misinformed and have a severe lack of research skills. This wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t so adamant about pushing their beliefs on everyone else and thinking that they are right all the time. People say that I also think I’m right all the time, and I answer with “I am right all the time.” I stand by that statement because of one simple fact, if I am wrong and you can prove it, I admit it immediately. If you don’t have a problem admitting when you are wrong, you may be wrong, but you will never STAY wrong. So I am blogging now to think and rant and prove some people wrong. The title of the blog is a metaphor that should be relatively easy to understand, but in this blog I intend to focus on the “in suits” part. Time to flex my intellect and think for fun.