Is Obama Like Hitler?



I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that most Americans have seen an image similar to the one above comparing President Obama to Hitler. How much merit does this comparison have? Well I’ll give you my opinion on it, none whatsoever. Here is how they are alike: Both leaders, both politicians, advocates of strong government, very charismatic, cult-like following, and that’s about it.

How they are different is obvious. Hitler killed 6 million Jews and numerous other citizens of his own country for not fitting his ideal mold of what a human should be. As far as I know, Obama is not doing anything remotely close to any of that. This point gets left out of many Nazi/America comparisons. The Nazi’s were bad because they killed innocent civilians, not because they were advocates of strong government. Is that what is bound to happen when one person gets too much power in a nation? Possibly, but there is one fact that inhibits Obama’s ability to gain that much power even if he wanted to, he must be elected by the people.

The Nazi comparison is a frail scare tactic that right-wing radicals use to frighten us into thinking America is turning into Nazi Germany, it is not. I am not saying that Obama has been a perfect president or even a good one, that is up to you decide for yourself. But saying that he is anything like Hitler is slanderous and disrespectful and factually untrue. It is too easy to stick a Hitler stash on anyone in power and that somehow shows that they are bad. Hitler was not bad because he had a mustache and was a socialist, he was a psychopathic renegade dictator who slaughtered millions of people, that’s what he did wrong. Obama is gonna have to get a lot meaner to make those comparisons valid.