Vegetarian Men

This next vegetarian topic is going to sound ridiculous at first and make me sound like a bigot, but I challenge you to hear my reasoning before passing judgment. This issue has to do specifically with men who are vegetarians. Men that are vegetarians are less manly than men who are not. The ridicule they get for it is justified in my opinion. I see this as a purely biological and anthropological situation. In the early days of man, the men hunted and the women gathered, this is common knowledge. During the winter, when the plants die and no gathering takes place, the men had to hunt so that their entire family could survive. Turning your back on such a major area of your own development deserves a bit of ridicule, but I still respect their decision.

I firmly believe that there is a better way for men to go about becoming vegetarians. Purposefully limiting yourself from anything in the world (even something you don’t want to do) is a negative action in my opinion. You could just as easily stop eating meat…and that’s it! If someone asks you if you are a vegetarian, say ‘No.’ Just don’t eat meat. It doesn’t have to be a public thing. Going out of your way to fit into a group is no better than the popular girls in high school and it deserves a bit of razzing.

This would all be moot if the act of becoming a vegetarian was not a choice, but it is. I would never make fun of somebody for being gay because that isn’t a choice, but judging somebody based on their actions is the fairest way to do it and we do it routinely everyday. If you make the choice to become a vegetarian and publicize it, you are acting like more of a girl than you would be if you continued to eat meat. Almost 70% of vegetarians are female, and 100% of male vegetarians are more feminine than men with normal, no limit diets. Tomorrow I will explain a possible wonder elixir that would end the need to classify yourself as a vegetarian at all.