Life of a Hustler

“Welcome to my hood” (DJ Khaled). “Parental discretion is advised” (N.W.A.). “Get up in the morning” (Chiddy Bang). “Start from scratch” (Game). “Get this money” (Bizzare). “I’m a hustler” (Cassidy). “On the corner” (Gorrila Zoe). “Slangin’ rock” (Freddie Gibbs). “Got what you need” (Wiz Khalifa). “Time is money” (Joell Ortiz). “Grindin’” (Clipse). “Life of an outlaw” (Tupac Shakur).

“Money 2 blow” (Drake). “Spend some money” (Chingy). “Ballin’ outta control” (E40). “Look at me now” (Chris Brown). “Nothin but a G thang” (Dr. Dre). “I don’t owe nobody shit” (Das Racist). “Look at what we started” (Hoodie Allen). “Money aint a thang” (Jay-Z). “Just throw it in the bag” (Fabulous). “Fancy” (Drake). “Bright lights, big city” (Jim Jones). “Money right” (Flo Rida). “Hell yeah” (Genuwine). “I run shit” (DMX). “This is why I’m hot” (MIMS). “Just might be OK” (Lupe Fiasco). “Can’t stop, won’t stop” (State property). “The world is yours” (Nas). “Bad boys 4 life” (P. Diddy). “Mo money, mo problems” (Biggie).

“Streets is watchin” (Young Money). “Prices on my head” (Young Buck). “Mean mug” (Soulja Boy). “Put ya hands up” (Jadakiss). “Oh word?” (Beastie Boys). “Get em high” (Kanye West). “Who? Not me” (Ludacris). “Yeah you” (N.E.R.D.). “Don’t fuck wit me” (Lil’ John). “Don’t put your hands on me” (Boyz N Da Hood). “Make a move” (Lloyd Bank$). “Wish you would” (Lil’ Wayne). “Careful what you wish for” (Eminiem). “Lost art of killing” (King Fantastic). “A threat and a promise” (Papoose). “Get my gun” (D-12). “Blow his head off” (Busta Rhymes). “Follow instructions” (M.O.P.). “Fear not of man” (Mos Def). “Beg for mercy” (G-Unit). “I’m supposed to die tonight” (50 Cent). “End of the road” (Machine Gun Kelly). “One shot 2 shot” (Eminem).

“Oh!” (Ciara). “Save me” (Nicki Minaj). “Call the ambulance” (Busta Ryhmes). “Don’t let me die” (Jay-Z & R. Kelly).

“Bang Bang” (Dr. Dre). “Hit da dirt” (Dem Franchise Boys). “Blood runs cold” (Jedi Mind Tricks).

“Dead and gone” (T.I.). “Good die young” (D-12).

“Up, up and away” (Kid Cudi).