Vaticanever Get it Right

I can't hold my breath for much longer, I'm about to pass out

Happy All Saints Day, now let’s bash the Vatican. I’m not even going to get into everything the Vatican does wrong, only the most recent one because if you’re a normal citizen, you should be offended by it. They say today that they may eventually limit visits to the Sistine Chapel because the public doesn’t follow the rules, basically. Okay, that’s fair enough, so what rules do they break when they go there? Vandalism? Anything moderately serious? According to this article, the public “unwittingly risked damaging the frescoes with their breath, their perspiration, the dust on their shoes and their body heat.”

…..So they don’t want the public going to see one of the most important and awe inspiring paintings on earth because we breathe, sweat, and dust clings to us when we walk. Here comes the irony, part of the painting is titled The Creation of Adam, where it shows god giving life to man. So here is the logic the Vatican is using.

God makes man, makes man have to breathe and sweat, man worships god, paints chapel to praise him, Vatican says we cannot praise him there anymore because we breathe and sweat. So the Vatican is blaming God essentially. Wouldn’t God not care if our breath wore out his paintings? Or are they doing it to preserve a historical artifact? Because paintings can be treated and maintained for a very long time if you take care of them, so that can’t be the reason. Also, how much can our breath and sweat and dust REALLY be affecting it? It’s on the god damn ceiling for Christ sake.