Questions for a Vegetarian

I’ve had a problem with vegetarians and vegans my entire life. Not because of the decisions they make, but because of the reasons for those decisions and their apparent indifference to animals that are not cute. I hate animal cruelty as much as any vegetarian, but the bridge between that fact and not eating meat is a very unstable one. Will not eating meat stop animal cruelty? No. Will it at least be recognized and hopefully ended one day because of it? Maybe, but signs point to no. So what exactly is the overall goal when you choose to become a herbivore?

A noble answer is that we are evolved passed having to kill animals for food, we can get food elsewhere without harming animals. Bullshit. We still need meat for a healthy diet, and meat only comes from one place. Even vegetarians have to force themselves to not eat meat because its so delicious and we all know it. We’re genetically predisposed to enjoy meat, since (most of) our vegetarian ancestors would have died out if they didn’t eat meat.

The question I have now is, why are animals the only form of life that gets your pity when killed? Why is a pigs life more special than that of a spider or an ant? And here’s the real question for vegetarians, If life is precious, why is it fine to kill plants for food? Plants try to stay alive just as much as animals. This may sound absurd but I can prove my point in one word. Thorns. Why do plants have thorns?  They have thorns to protect themselves from predators in order to stay alive, and you kill them for food without a second thought.

So it is clear that vegetarians do not care about all life equally, but only ‘cute’ life. We kill for food, and so does every single other animal on the entire planet. Another common argument from vegetarians is that the animals can feel pain, so that’s different than killing other things for food. This has two simple answers, plants can feel pain too, they just cannot scream or express it, but they want to stay alive just as bad as anything else. The second answer is almost comical, if killing animals is bad because they feel pain, then as long as we kill them painlessly (like a shotgun to the head) then killing animals is okay. No vegetarian would agree to this, they disagree with their own logic.

I’ll be doing two more posts on this topic over the next two days, one on why being a vegetarian literally makes you more womanly, and the grand finale on why there will be no more vegetarians in 15 years or so. Follow me to stay tuned and feel free to leave comments to answer some of these questions, I will respond respectfully always, I just want a better understanding on why anyone would be a vegetarian.